Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Heaven A Place

       I like to locate heaven, and find out all about it I can. I expect to live there through eternity. If I was going to dwell in any place in this country; if I was going to make any place my home, I would want to inquire all about the place, about its climate, about what kind of neighbors I was going to have, about the schools of my children, about everything, in fact, that I could learn concerning it. If any of you who are here were going to emigrate, going off to some other country, and I was going to take that for my subject tonight, why, would not all your ears be open to hear what you could learn about it? Would you then be looking around to see who was sitting next you; and who among your acquaintances were here; and what people were thinking about you? You would all be interested in hearing of this country that I was talking about. You could not think anything about the latest fashion, or about some woman's bonnet. If it is true that we are going to spend eternity in another world, and that God is inviting us to spend it with him, shall we not look and listen, and find out where he is, and who is there, and how we are to get there? - D. L. Moody
"Hope in Jesus" sung by Josh Lavender

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Answering The Infidel

by Jane Van Allen

I saw one in a crowded street,
Where teams and cars did flourish;
Knock crutches from a crippled boy.
Then leave him there to perish.

Our souls are crippled with sin's load.
As here in life we go:
Our crutches are the grace of God,
To keep us here below.

The weakest souls to Christ may come.
Who want God's keeping care;
Angels will watch their journey home.
If faithful here in prayer.

This world's a snare, a scene of woe;
The Bible has been given :
Its precepts teach the way to go;
Will lead us safe to heaven.

The infidels for souls do seek.
To snatch them from the Lord;
Accost them, when in prayer they're weak.
By sneering at God's Word.

The crutches from our souls they snatch.
In life's most dangerous place;
They work for Satan, here to catch
The weak ones of our race.

They constant here seek to destroy
Our peace and hope in God;
Our happiness doth them annoy.
For they do feel sin's load.

Satan holds them beneath his power.
And keeps them from God's love;
Their jealousy would us devour;
Unkept by God above.

Our faith in God, our comfort here.
When comfort most we need:
They take away, fill us with fear;
Say "There's no God to heed."

Let faith in God our crutches be.
Along our journey Home,
We're traveling to Eternity;
And to a World to come.

When we obey God's written Word,
We'll cease from sin and strife;
The highest proof there is a God,
Is in the Christian's life.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The poem found below, by P. Habberton Fulham, in London Outlook, gives a striking figure that would well symbolize a human experience in passing from a season of darkness and trouble into one of joy and light:

As some great captain, ere the morn be red,
Might watch his tired ranks sleeping in
the dew,
Linger a moment, with some sense of me.
Then bid reveille sound o'er quick and
dead -
So the loth sun-god leaves his cloudy bed.
Then, swift the heavy hangings striding
Bids the dawn's silver bugles sound anew.
His golden banners streaming overhead -
Like camp-fire smoke the mist of morning
Like strewed arms seem the dewy glis-
And, as that shining clarion peals on high,
Up spring the trees like bright-faced war-
Behind him each his cloak of shadow
And one great shout of color shakes the

Darkness Developing Character

      Darkness seems to be as necessary to life and growth in this world as is light. An earnest, tireless worker for Christ who has recently suffered through months of illness, writes a cheery word of sympathy to a fellow sufferer, and adds about herself: "It is a long time since I have done a day's work; it is only a half-hour's work, or maybe fifteen minutes at a time. And many days have been in a dark room. I wonder, sometimes, if a 'dark room' is as necessary for the developing of character as it is for the developing of negatives. If so, perhaps a time will come when I can look back upon the dark-room days with thankfulness. Just now, I want to work." To wait and to trust, if God directs that, even while one longs to be out in the light and at work, is to gain and grow in the development which only the dark room can give. (Text.)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

O Bells In The Steeple

O Bells In The Steeple
by May Riley Smith

O BELLS in the steeple,
Ring out to all people
That Christ has arisen, that Jesus is here!
Touch heaven's blue ceiling
With your happy pealing,
O bells in the steeple, ring out full and clear!

O soft April showers,
Call out the young flowers,
Touch each little sleeper, and bid her obey!
Set daffodils blowing.
And fresh grasses growing,
To thrill the old world on this new Easter-day!

O lilies so stately,
Like maids tall and shapely,
Christ loved you, and talked of your beauty of old!
Stand up in your places,
And bend your white faces.
While swinging before Him your censers of gold!

O violets tender,
Your shy tribute render!
Tie round your wet faces your soft hoods of blue;
And carry your sweetness,
Your dainty completeness,
To some tired hand that is longing for you.

O velvet-bloomed willows.
Go comfort sick pillows
With visions of meadow-lands, peaceful and brown!
The breath of Spring lingers
Within your cold fingers.
And the brook's song is caught in your fringes of down.

O world, bowed and broken
With anguish unspoken.
Take heart and be glad, for the Lord is not dead !
On some bright to-morrow,
Your black cloud of sorrow
Will break in a sweet rain of joy on your head !

O bells in the steeple,
Ring out to all people.
That Christ has arisen, that Jesus is here!
Touch heaven's blue ceiling
With your happy pealing;
O bells in the steeple, ring out full and clear!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Call To Better Life

       When summer is ending the wild bird in arctic zones responds to the call of the tropic winds and perfumes and plumes his flight for southern feeding-grounds. So the soul of man is drawn and responds to subtle and haunting attractions in the realm of holiness and heaven.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Easter Dawn by Mary Lowe Dickinson

Easter Dawn

Yesterday, distress and gloom,
Folding shroud and rock-hewn tomb,
Where to-day is light and bloom.

Brooding darkness yesterday,
On the spot where Jesus lay;
Now the stone is rolled away,

And triumphant voices ring,
With the hymn the blessed sing,
Death at last has lost its sting:

Lost its sting and lost its sway,
O'er to-day or yesterday.
Where is now thy victory?

Where thy triumph, vaunting grave?
Seas of pardon softly lave
Souls the Master rose to save,

And the Easter bell's glad strain,
Is for all who, washed from stain,
Rise henceforth o'er sin and pain!